LAS to ORD | January 10, 2022

I began writing this post to you on a flight from Las Vegas to Chicago where my birthday celebration comes to a close. The trip was amazing and my friends who joined me, followed me all over Las Vegas doing whatever we wanted. My mind is in Las Vegas, but my heart is in Chicago.

I started documenting my thoughts on my birthday to describe what I am feeling and to capture the moment wherever I am. Admittedly, I do this for myself, but for the last few years, I have been publishing these thoughts on my blog. Many of you have enjoyed connecting with me in this way and, for as long as I feel like it, I will keep sharing.

Thirty is a big number and I can’t quite wrap my head around how I’ve made it this far. Don’t get me wrong: there’s absolutely no reason for me to think I wouldn’t have otherwise made it to this age, but life for me has not been linear. Thirty for me brings me peace because, for the first time in my life, I feel like I’m content. I have a family who loves me, a career that both challenges and rewards me, and I am secure with myself. That last point — being secure with myself — is probably the most important. While the timing is not right to go into detail here, I can report that I have finally fostered a love for myself that has opened up the world to me. It’s a good place to be mentally and I’m happy I’ve made it here.

People often remark about how they don’t like to grow older and, I will admit, it is a little scary. For me, growing older means more to look forward to. More milestones, more memories, more connections. Looking back on my life, there is a theme of wanting more that I once pleaded for so that I can escape the hellish childhood I had but is now a theme of happiness. More is on the horizon and since the sun hasn’t set yet, I just want to keep going.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that in some way you’ve been a part of my life. I want each of you to know how much I appreciate you for loving, supporting, and guiding me along the way. I hope I continue to make you proud.

With love, Kyle

(Enjoy some pictures below from my trip.)


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