Life’s Peaks and Troughs

While I don’t have too much to say here that will be profound, I have been reflecting on life lately by looking back. When I look back, I see a series of ups and downs and it got me thinking: has life always been like this?

When I look back at pictures, events, journal posts, and more, the answer is unequivocally yes. Naturally, I had more questions than I did answers.

Do the low points last longer than the high points? If not, why do the ruts we get into feel like they last a long time?

What if I realized this sooner? Would the downside seem as bad if I knew there was an upside on it’s way?

When I step back and look at life, I must admit its fit this description really well. I think back to last summer where I was laid off by not fault of my own. An obvious low for me. But then I was hired into a dream role which would undoubted propel my career to new highs. I cried over it. An obvious high moment in life.

Life gives and it takes. I guess the “life is rollercoaster ride” has some merit to it.


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