Losing A Friendship Feels Like Death

Before being forced inside of the house, I was what most people considered social. I often met up with my friends at the bars to hangout and enjoy good times. My social life was very carefree and thrived in crowded spaces with loud music. Without any of that as a possibility, friends who I often would meet out started to keep in contact less.

A Meditation on Kindness

Kindness has been on my mind a lot lately. Everywhere I look, there’s finger-pointing, arguing, and incompatibility as if something found its way into the drinking water and tainted the mind of quite literally everyone. I’m guilty of this myself as I find myself at wit’s end with people on several issues. Even so, the world around me is not one I recognize or embrace – and it hurts. It hurts to watch people hurt people because they are hurting themselves. A common bond of a society so deeply entrenched in its hostility.

2021: 12 Months in 12+ Photos

Like most people, I often enjoy looking back on the year by seeing where it started and where it ended. I also like to share (and consumer) lists of favorites for the year because I think it brings us together by uncovering commonalities, discovering something new from someone else, but also fostering a sense of … Continue reading 2021: 12 Months in 12+ Photos