Life’s Peaks and Troughs

While I don’t have too much to say here that will be profound, I have been reflecting on life lately by looking back. When I look back, I see a series of ups and downs and it got me thinking: has life always been like this? When I look back at pictures, events, journal posts, … Continue reading Life’s Peaks and Troughs


2022: The Year of Transition

If 2022 required a title, it would be called The Year of Transition. The world saw a number of fundamental shifts this year that will set the pace for the years to come. We saw an unprovoked war in Europe by Russia. A war which stood to jeopardize gas and oil supplies in ways that … Continue reading 2022: The Year of Transition

A Meditation on Kindness

Kindness has been on my mind a lot lately. Everywhere I look, there’s finger-pointing, arguing, and incompatibility as if something found its way into the drinking water and tainted the mind of quite literally everyone. I’m guilty of this myself as I find myself at wit’s end with people on several issues. Even so, the world around me is not one I recognize or embrace – and it hurts. It hurts to watch people hurt people because they are hurting themselves. A common bond of a society so deeply entrenched in its hostility.

2021: 12 Months in 12+ Photos

Like most people, I often enjoy looking back on the year by seeing where it started and where it ended. I also like to share (and consumer) lists of favorites for the year because I think it brings us together by uncovering commonalities, discovering something new from someone else, but also fostering a sense of … Continue reading 2021: 12 Months in 12+ Photos